Windows in passive house quality can be more

Windows are not just glazed openings in the exterior parts of buildings that serve the view. Many parameters have to be taken into account when planning: The positioning for passive energy generation requires intelligent shading systems.

It is about glass quality and health aspects for a sufficient light supply to ensure comfortable living and working in the long term, In terms of construction physics, products and assemblies must meet the highest requirements for heat protection.

Computed components in the building envelope are approximately 10 times worse than the surrounding exterior wall.

With Hausverstand.Com you avoid building errors. That is why we advise you from planning to execution and guarantee quality assurance and cost security.

With windows and external doors made of wood in the passive house standard, you not only choose a renewable and sustainable building material, but you also ensure decades of deficiency and freedom from building due to the high demands on product and installation quality.

Our glass sliding doors can withstand any leak test, without having to be stuck in the blower door test.

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