About Unilux


With its quality products, UNILUX is one of the market leaders in Germany.
Quality assurance begins with UNILUX before a product goes into series production. With their own test equipment, rapid and long-term tests are already carried out during the design phase. This has been the basis for successful developments in pioneering systems in window and door construction for many years.

Before the product is then released for serial production, computer-controlled test procedures, which generally go far beyond what legal requirements demand. They serve to ensure functionality and security in the long term. In addition, independent institutes carry out the most stringent material and product tests.

Even after the production process, quality assurance is consistently pursued. Individual products are spontaneously removed from current production. Specialists in the relevant material or product group undergo rigorous real tests, which are then optimized with accurate computer simulations. Only in this way can quality - and thus customer satisfaction - arise in Austria.

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