About Sageder


Anton Sageder, born on the 12th of May, 1890, laid the foundations of the carpentry tradition, which has now existed for three generations, with the purchase of the estate in Gaisbuchen in 1926. Since at that time the carpentry - almost like today - was surrounded by a lot of forest, it became the "carpenter in the forest".

In November 1921, Anton Sageder had entered the carpentry trade, he was still a "troublemaker", that is, he went from house to house, partly carpeting furniture, doors and windows, so everything the carpenter does, directly from his customers, some pieces. He produced at home in his workshop, with the wood which had been given by the customer had to be carried home!

The "Seniorchef" Josef Sageder was born on 23.8.1926 as one of five children of Anton and Franziska Sageder. He soon exhibited his artisan skills, completed his education in Hallstadt in 1948 and 1949, and took over the carpentry in 1957 after the death of his father. At the time, two employees were employed in the company.