About Ramsauer


In 1875, when he bought a small chalkyard near Bad Goisern, Ferdinand Ramsauer already possessed all the qualities characteristic of successful people: he was innovative, powerful and goal-oriented.
Just 20 years later, he had already increased the mining by a hundredfold and made the "Ischler Bergkreide" (Ischler mountain chalk) a branded product. Ferdinand and his son Josef Ramsauer - the real name provider of the company - may from today's point of view be rightly termed as marketing pioneers.

From the very beginning the mountain chalk - beside many others - was mainly used for the production of glaziers' putty. Was originally still to the manufacturers of this important.
The company Ramsauer began to produce glaziers' putty in 1950. The development from pure mining operation to the producer of sealants was completed.

With the development of the thermo-windows, new, plastic and elastic sealants were needed. Ramsauer developed this first modified putty as early as the 1950s. Later the first water-soluble products, the so-called acrylates, were developed. The company started in 1972 with the production of silicone-based sealants, in 1976 with the production of PU foam. A separate patent for 2-component systems was registered in 1998.

Today, the company manufactures a wide range of high quality sealants, industrial adhesives, PU foams and special products and sells them in many countries around the world.

Ramsauer is constantly working on the relationship between man and nature, both in production and in individual products.