About PaX


The team at Hausverstand.Com and its partner PaX have made the task of preserving windows for historic buildings.

Windows characterize the style of the Gründerzeit-houses. If stylistically inappropriate windows are installed, a house loses not only in character but also in the real value. Therefore, restoration of the historical windows is the most consistent decision. However, if the windows are not ready for renovation or have been replaced in the past years by stylistically inappropriate or short-lived windows, then you are right with our cooperation partner PaX. The windows of PaX meet every historical building.

PaX was one of the first companies in Germany to produce the window "made-to-measure" in 1989, supported by computer-controlled machines. The project met skepticism from experienced professionals. Windows are unique, a production at the band is impossible. But because PaX used computers from the very beginning, the custom "custom-made" was possible. This led to a change process, which gave a lot of impetus to the industry.

We use single-layered historicising PAX retro-windows with slim profiles as an alternative to box windows at Viennese Gründerzeit-buildings. Particularly in the ensemble protection for balcony buildings with double-wing new balconies.

In our OpenLab, we show you sample windows and projects already successfully finished by us.