About ErgoLight


ErgoLight specializes in light protection systems with reflective foils and glare protection for offices, conference centers and other commercial areas. Since 1990 the company has been one of the leading suppliers of ergonomic glare protection. With their products, they aim at the best possible use of daylight, while avoiding glare on the screen and at all workstations.

Ergolight's glare protection or computer rollover are the ideal solution for on-screen workstations. By means of an accurate reflector film selection, an ideal light incidence is determined in order to achieve a suitable room climate.

A technically advanced and visually sophisticated roller shutter system offers you high profitability over years. An Ergolight glare protection roller blind can be operated from above or from below - according to your needs. They are operated mechanically with cord or chain hoist or electrically by push of a button.