Office for building physics

As advisory architects and construction physicists, our focus is on the sustainable modernization of existing buildings and the optimization of new construction plans. We support project developers, architects, owners and administrators.

Our services

Energy certificates and renovation concepts

Since 2008, several hundred thermal-energetic evaluations have been made in our office for building physics alone in Vienna - including countless Gründerzeit buildings and several historic palaces. We enjoy the trust of well-known property managers, because we provide usable renovation concepts with the energy-proof document - also for the gradual improvement.

Comprehensive building physics for planners

We assist planners in the administrative submission of new buildings, attic developments and extensive modernization. As experts, we are known for far-reaching solutions; we look beyond the boundaries of classical building physics.

Concepts create cost security

Our project management is increasingly demanding innovation in development together with the planners. With our experience, we offer consulting on suitable components and the use of ecological materials parallel to planning.

Challenge of the Gründerzeit

One hundred years old buildings were built with simple means and safe materials. During modernization, substantial interventions in the substance are usually required. We help to make proper planning decisions in order to ensure that there are no heat bridges and building shifts and to avoid incidents.

Glazing and daylight planning

We offer daylight planning and work out the economically most optimal solutions for your tender. The potential for energy saving and comfort is particularly the result of the optimization of the windows - they are the biggest weak point of a building. For this reason, we have our Fenster Zentrum Wien.

Passive house

For over 20 years, we have been successfully projecting new buildings and modernizing existing buildings in the direction of passive house quality. With our components, we are happy to provide you with the detailed planning for the installation for each of your projects.