Window for historic buildings

Historic and listed buildings are cultural values.

The team of Hausverstand.Com has made themselves the task to preserve these values. Windows and doors of a building shape the style and the charm of a House. If stylistically inappropriate window are installed, a House not only loses character, also the office for monument,- and ensembleprotection might be a problem. Therefore, a restoration of the historic window would certainly be the most consistent decision to preserve the value of a building. Are the Windows incapable of rehabilitation or have been replaced in recent years already against stylistically inappropriate or short-lived windows, then you are just right with our cooperation partner Pax. The windows of PaX meet the requirements for every historic building.

Custom work - authentic and technically perfect.
Often a repair of the old windows is not possible, then you have to try to preserve the authenticity as best as possible. Pax lives up to that desire by reconstructing the windows of a building with their masterly skilled technicians. Historicizing window of our cooperation partner are made bye old craftsmanship, traditional working techniques and historical models. Filigree frame, delicate shoots and authentic decorative profiles are available for the unique aesthetic of the past. Special glasses, such as for example the special Fourcaultglas with a "living" surface give the Windows from Jena the compelling charm.

No matter from which time - there are window for each building type.

Pax offers the optimal combination of classic window craftsmanship and modern technology. Especially for the monument protection, solutions are required which cannot be offered by standard windows. Despite slimmer profiles most of the special heat - and noise insulation glasses as well as a comfortable fittings are offered. To stay true to the traditional window consctruction, PaX designs windows for classical construction and fittings for all opening - all for a harmonious appearance.

<div style="text-align: justify">Ein noch erhaltenes Fenster aus der Zeit um 1900 diente als Vorlage zum Nachbau für eine Mühle aus dem 13./14. Jahrhundert in Obermaubach.</div>

A still preserved window from the time around 1900 served as a template for the replica for a 13th/14th century in Obermaubach.

<div style="text-align: justify">Mit diesen Kastenfenstern von <a href="">PaX</a> ist es gelungen, eine denkmalschutzgerechte Lösung für den 250 Jahre alten Klosterhof in Uetersen zu finden. </div>

With double frame windows of PaX, it was managed to find a conservation-oriented solution for the 250-year-old monastery courtyard in Uetersen.

<div style="text-align: justify">Die Fenster dieser Villa in Wiesbaden wurden in enger Abstimmung mit dem zuständigen Stadtkonservator entworfen.</div>

The window of this monument protected Villa in Wiesbaden were designed in close consultation with the competent city curator.

Preserve the good
All wood Windows, made by Pax, are treated with a special four-layer procedure and therefore protected from the weather with the utmost care. An innovative coating system gives the windows special longevity. The capillaries of the wood surface are sealed with a complex method, the Kapillarblocker, already prior to the gluing so that the end grain surfaces are largely protected from rain water. The glued windows are then primed and coated twice.

Untreated wood sucks up the water to reason of its capillary system. The moisture penetrates into pores and channels. The wood is weathered.


Due to the special finish of PaX window with capillary blockers the wood is sealed. Water can not penetrate. So, the wood is optimally protected.

We stand for sustainable, cost-effective solutions

We can offer you

- Renovation of double frame Windows and doors

- Reconstruction of historical Windows and doors

- Renovation of historic wood floors

- Restoration of portals and railings

Replica double frame windows

We advise on the possibilities of renewal. We accept the official processing for you.

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