Glare protection at the workplace and in schools

What does the computer screen do to our health and concentration?

Neither schools nor any industry gets anything done today without the use of computers. Consequently, more and more devices are used. Unfortunately, screens are usually set up where the office-space allows it without considering the work environment.

Daylight and visibility outside are crucial for work and study  - that has been proven to be important for our health and our well-being.

Large corporations have already recognized that. Plenty of light increases the well-being and the productivity of their employees.


Glare by the sun can be very counterproductive, no matter from which direction it comes or if it is reflected.

Conventional sunscreen, even if set up in a proper manner, offers no comprehensive solution. Without glare protection you can expect alternating dark and light stripes on paper worksheets.

Our film roller blinds are the most sensible solution for glare protection. They prevent glare, offer transparency but you get to look outside at the same time.

Make an appointment on a sunny day in our OpenLab with southern sun at the Siebensternplatz in Vienna. Here you can experience live systems from the leading manufacturers.

We work closely with the AUVA, who offer advice on workstations locally.

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