Security windows and doors

Stable profile constructions and precision in the production, as well as a professional installation are basic requirements for secure windows and doors. We are happy to advice you in advance how your security needs can be best implemented for your object.

We help you to achieve the economic optimum between expenses for safety equipment and their effect. The team of Hausverstand.Com finds the right solution for you to implement improvements in the burglary protection individually.

For historical wood windows, for example, we recommend the use of hard woods such as eucalyptus globulus, meranti or oak.

Just by special profile construction in conjunction with recessed closing parts, requiring only 4 mm sash clearance, a wood window can reach even greater security against typical levering.


Resistance classes and their meanings

You can classify windows and many other components in so-called Resistance classes. In the context of the windows, usually Resistance class 2 and Resistance class 3 are used.

RC 2

The perpetrators use simple tools to break in such as a screwdriver, pliers or a wedge. A window of RC 2 must offer resistance to these tools at least 3 minutes.


RC 3

The perpetrators use a second screwdriver and a crowbar in addition to simple tools now. The resistance time must be at least 5 minutes.


A special feature: constructed wood windows remain secure even without reinforcement of aluminium or steel in the security class RC 3.

Security in historicizing windows

Windows of a historic building are usually wooden windows. That safety and wooden Windows are no contradiction, prove the window of our partners Pax. There are these wooden Windows with the safety equipment according to the RC 3.

Historicizing window profiles are mostly aesthetic aspects with requirements of the protection of historic buildings in the foreground. Burglar-resistant safety precautions are often not possible due to the especially sleek profiles.


Act fast - connection to the alarm system

In addition to the mechanical burglary protection you can equip most wood windows with covered magnetic contacts, which can be connected to any commercially available alarm system or other monitoring systems. Unintented penetration of third parties or significant damage to the window are immediately discovered this way.

To prevent false alarms, the burglar alarms are only activated if the window is properly closed and locked. This is supported by an optionally available opening and closing monitor.

Security - only if professionally installed

The best security window does not help if the local assembly isn't made according to the recognised rules of technology. Professionals make the correct attachment through a pressure-resistant rear feed and use suitable screws, anchors and dowels in the wall. They also do the fine adjustment of the window sash. This requires trained and experienced professionals.

We recommend the mounting of security windows to be made by specially qualified personnel. Our partners offer special training for their retailers.

Get consulted already in advance comprehensively by one of us, so your security needs can be implemented for your object. Our goal is to find the optimum economic balance between cost of security and effect.

We look forward to your call.

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